Accidental Death Dismemberment

Accidental Death Dismemberment
Most people understand the benefits of more obvious types of insurance such as life, health, disability, etc. While accidental death dismemberment coverage is often overlooked; a good AD&D policy can offer added value by filling in the gaps. Accidental Death Dismemberment  insurance does serve its purpose by insuring against an accidental death or permanent injury such as a loss of limb.

Now AD&D insurance is not meant to replace any existing life insurance, but instead enhance your insurance coverage. An accidental death dismemberment is an easy and inexpensive way to increase your overall coverage limits, especially in situations where due to a medical condition, life insurance has either become too expensive or unavailable. People working in high risk occupations, where accidents are considered “part of the job” should consider accident insurance as a complement to any employer provided insurance or disability.

A great feature of an AD&D policy is the fact that it payout a lump sum, rather than a monthly stream of income in the event of a permanent injury or disability; providing a substantial financial cushion during the initial adjustment period.

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