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High Limit Accidental Death Insurance

Accident Insurance Plan Highlights               High Limit Accidental Death Insurance The basic purpose of accident insurance is to provide compensation for someone who is injured, either on the job, at home or elsewhere. Accident insurance is useful for paying off medical bills, compensating the family of a deceased accident victim and standing in for lost wages if the accident prevents the insured individual from working for an extended period of time.   Plan Highlights
  • No Medical Exam Required!
  • Up to US$ 50 Million in Coverage
  • Available for Ages 18-70
  • Automatic Approval
  • Benefits are paid in addition to any other existing policy
  • Benefits are paid in a lump sum, or in monthly or annual installments which can be for life with minimum period of 20 years in case of death of the actual owner of the annuity.
  • Worldwide coverage
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